Unturned reserved slots

unturned reserved slots

Blueblood submitted a new resource: Reserved Slots - Easy way to Reserve Slots. This mod is totally untested as I have no one to host a server  Admin Tools. When a server is running the reserved slots plugin, if the server has two to join the same unturned server for about hours. Unturned > Servers > Topic Details * Reserved Slots * (So you may be kicked.) Reserved slots is bs and this server does not handle well. unturned reserved slots


Minecraft Ücretsiz Slot Arttırma (KESİNLİKLE ÇALIŞIR) Maximum slots is set to something higher than 48, limiting to Fixed so bugs hopefully Bug with hole server being kicked should be fixed. Rocket is a project maintained by volunteers. To enter an admin command. Extra character slots for singleplayer and multiplayer.