Poker vp

poker vp

Yes, VP means Voluntarily Put Money In Pot. All the stats are defined in the Statistical Reference Guide. You might find these posts on the  Help with the VP, PR etc meaning. I know this will vary depending on how loose or tight the table is but on average what would you say is a good vpip is at 6max? Also what. Normally solid players have a similar VPIP which means you have good hand selection probably, but your PFR should be higher, probably. poker vp Be mindful of the difference tower defense spiele kostenlos VPIP and PFR pre-flop raise, the next HUD statistic I explain. The easiest and most effective way to find your and other players' VPIP is to use poker tracking software like Poker Tracker. SPÖ-Strategen berichten, Kerns Ziel sei es, Kurz daran zu hindern, das Gesetz des Handelns zu befolgen und rasche Neuwahlen auszurufen. The small blind and big blind do not count toward your VPIP, as you did not voluntarily put this money in to the pot hence the stat's. Advertise Media Kit Contact.


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